About Us

The Cambs Youth Panel was originally constituted in 2016 under the catchy name 'The East Cambs Police Youth Consultation Panel' (quite a mouthful). It was created by Phil Priestley when he was the Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant for East Cambridgeshire. At that time the realtionship between the police and young people in East Cambs was not in a good place. The panel was devised as a way to give young people a platform to speak to the police and to be heard by senior officers. The success of this initiative brought other agencies and organisations into the relationship, and the panel grew to represent a wider geographical area. Today the Cambs Youth Panel - as it now is - supports children, young people and families all over the county, dealing with a wide variety of issues and topics. 

"If it's not important, if it's not relevant and if it's not exciting - we shouldn't be doing it."

- Phil Priestley

Our Mission

"The purpose of the Cambs Youth Panel is to offer young people of secondary education ages and above an insight into the workings of significant local decision making bodies and authorities. 

In addition we seek to give a voice to young people and provide adult decision makers with a reliable and objective consultation panel that can help them to understand the world from the perspective of younger people.

We seek to open the doors of opportunity to young people - irrespective of background or defining characteristics - and we will always challenge inequality and the unfairness of disadvantage." 

Our Vision

The resources that are used in support of young people - the budgets and the plans that are organised in our communities - should not move forward without the influence of thorough youth consultation.

We create a place of inclusion and diversity - where all young people are welcome to have their say, to participate and to feel valued in their efforts to improve local communities.

We seek to build bridges between communities and between the young and the old - promoting mutual understanding, empathy and acceptance.

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Our constitution, policy & purpose

This document is our plan for delivering to a platform which prioritises the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people, gives unrivalled opportunity and support to all, and ensures that all of our resources are managed carefully and with transparency.