Become A Cambs Youth Panel Member

We are always seeking new members and it is simple to join in with the interesting and exciting things we are doing! Follow this step-by-step guide to get our application underway!


Parental consent is essential. You must have permission to join from your Mum, Dad or Carer if you want to join the Cambs Youth Panel. There is a section in the application that they will have to complete for us.


If your parents agree - download and write your application [below].

Take your time and don't feel under any pressure. It is not a test!  


Send your completed form back to us at the email address shown below.

We will receive and read your application and the panel will review it within around 28 days (on average) of having received it. Sometime more quickly.


Your Application

You'll need to fill out this application [right] - don't worry, we just want to get to know you a little better.

There is no 'ideal candidate' that we're looking for - we just want you to answer the questions and tell us about yourself.

There are no right or wrong answers. Download the document and complete it (either in handwriting or type) and send it back to us at:

If you have any questions - please get in touch!

We are always happy to respond to any membership questions. Simply email us at the address [above] or using the form [right]. We will look to repond in the next 48 hours.


1. Safeguarding

We take every care to support the wellbeing of all of our members. All adult volunteers are rigorously checked via the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Services) on an enhanced basis.

2. Costs & Fees

We do not charge membership fees or subscriptions. We feel that this would prevent some young people from being able to join in. All of our projects ae funded through applications to funding partnerships and our fundraising efforts.

3. Structure & Purpose

The Cambs Youth Panel is a not for profit group and all funds are reinvested in the support of children, young people and families.

4. Technology

Where young people don't possess the technology to participate with our online meetings, we will provide and supply the equipment that is needed.