The Minecraft Project

Finding innovative ways to educate young people on preventable and avoidable illnesses and diseases

We are working with Cambridgeshire & Peterborough ICB and Blockworks to create a new environment in Minecraft that will educate children and young people about healthy lifestyles and better choices.

Every year the NHS has to spend billions of pounds in the treatment of illnesses that have been caused by the accumulative effect of unhealthy lifestyles, choices, diets... We know that millions of young people across the UK access and use Minecraft as a environment to play and learn in. We are working to link the expertise of clinicians, with the technical brilliance and expertise of Blockworks, combined with the creativity of our Youth Panel members - to build a world that will give an immersive learning experience to young people of all ages.

The world will be made available for inschool learning, for bed bound hospital patients, for children playing at home from consoles and computers - it will be universally accessible to all. 

Digital Inequality

Our work tackling digital inequality began at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognised in March 2020 that children and young people were being sent home to study remotely without adequate learning platforms. This drew us into the issue of digital inequality and as we began to distribute computers to families and to schools, we realised that digital inequality was going to be an issue that outlasted the coronavirus itself.

Since that time we have disributed more than 1,400 free computers to children, young people, families and schools across Cambridgeshire in all six districts - including Peterborough, Fenland, Huntingdonshire, East Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City.

Our computers are sourced from corporate donors who give us their laptops. We upgrade the laptops with brand-new storage devices and operating systems (Windows). 

If you need help with a computer - email us and let us know what kind of help you need.

Our documentary:

It's still just everywhere

Our documentary is in production! A critical look at sexism and sexual safety in schools. Written and produced by our own panel members, supported by the National Education Union.

Our poetry anthology

Molly, Natty & Mimie have written an amazing collection of poems about their experiences growing up as young people - young women - in extraordinary times.

This account gives voice to the coming of age, the global pandemic, the climate crisis and a bewildering array modern challenges.

We are going to publish this anthology and we plan to take it on the road internationally with a series of performances.

"Why are young people hanging around on street corners in hoodies"

The simple answer is - there is inadequate provision of indoor spaces and there it's cold!

The iGlu has been designed by the Cambs Youth Panel to create an indoor space that is idea for young people to personalise and maintain. It is a modern converted shipping container design with bluetooth technology, screens, mobile phone charging points, renewable solar power and CCTV security.

We are working on a project to deliver four of these 40ft buildings into Cambridge City in the areas of Arbury, Trumpington, Cherry Hinton and Abbey.


“This is just what is needed for young people right now.”

Alison Taylor 

- MD Conscious Communications

The Evil that We Do

Criminal Exploitation & County Lines 

When Cara, a studious and awkward teenager has her head turned by the dangerous and attractive Jack, she doesn't expect to be drawn into the nightmare world of abusive criminal exploitation. Aiden, an introverted boy with a long time crush on Cara completes the triangle - coming to her aid trying to rescue her from a world of darkness and mistreatment.

The outcomes are gritty, realistic, and tragic. A story that could be playing out in small town near you every single day. Written by Natty Huckle and Phil Priestley this published play is now available. We are currently constructing a musical score - seeking young musicians and performers to help us bring this project to life. 

Winter Wonderland

Cambridge 2022

More than 400 people came to see our festive celebration at St John's College, Cambridge on the 17th & 18th December 2022. This two event brought joy to children through the cost of living crisis.

Our 2022 event included virtual reality sleigh rides, Christmas decoration making, letters to Father Christmas, a Santa's Grotto and we gave out 200 boxes of Lego toys. We were joined by Star Wars Storm Troopers and the incredible 7'6" tall Chewbacca! Our hall was decorated with a 10 foot Christmas tree, and several more - with lights, baubles, a sleigh pulled by Rudolf, a huge friendly snowman - and everyone was treated to hot-chocolate and gingerbread biscuits. in 2023 we want to go bigger, and we want to go better. Planning is already underway and we are seeking sponsorship and support to make it happen!