Case Study:

Molly Ella Candles

So this happened:

Molly launched her micro business.

Molly has been a panel member since Year 10 at Cambourne Village College. She is now an undergraduate studying law at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. She is also the sole proprietor of her own micro business - Molly Ella Candles.

Molly Ella Candles are hand made, hand poured and of boutique quality - in four incredible perfumed scents that brighten your home or office with a whole new mood and atmosphere. 

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Hello world

Molly [left in picture] at the Mill Road Christmas Fair, Cambridge on 2nd December 2023.

Five amazing fragrances

  • Luxurious and indulgent Champagne & Roses
  • The calming, soothing effect of Lavender
  • Zesty, energising and upliftig Lime, Basil & Mandarin
  • The clean and wrap around perfume of fresh linen
  • The book lover's favourite smell - with oaky, musky tones of the studious library: Biblioteque  

Cracklewick candles - £11

Braided fabric wick - £10.50

Molly learned to pour candles by hand. She sources all of her ingredients with discernment, and packages every single candle with a loving care for her product. She loves candles and it shows.

Hello world

 "The Cambs Youth Panel backs young people - that can mean encouragement, advice, connections with relevant people and expertise, or helping them to find funding to get an idea off the ground. Molly is pretty fearless and she gets an idea and she goes with it. There's no better example of why we put the Youth Panel together than to give every support possible to a wonderful piece of micro enterprise like this."

- Phil

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