Social Media!


Social Media is important to us

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud & YouTube. We create original content about the things that we do and we post about our campaigns and our causes!

Thanks to grant funding from the National Education Union and the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough we are fully equipped with an editing computer, several 4k cameras, tripods, lighting, mics and other accessories. We also boast of a full podcasting deck which we take on roadshow appearances so that we can speak to and interview the people we meet. 


Podcasting and Webcasting!

Hannah & Molly podcasting together in our Cambourne studio [left].

We encourage all of our members to contribute content and to become part of the production process. This might involve presenting, it might involved editing and producing. We want all of our members to think about how they can present our projects to the world through web & social media content.